As we enter into yet another year with American big business working on plans to migrate work offshore to increase profits, we find ourselves struggling with high unemployment rates, foreclosed homes on the rise, and many other financial challenges.

When do we, as a country, stop big business from taking jobs out of the country and moving them somewhere else? How do we stop the government from allowing this to happen? America use to stand as the world leader of ingenuity and innovation. How do we rise up and reclaim what we worked so hard for?

I am a true believer that hard work and diligence will always lead to great rewards, and that if you put your mind to something you will always succeed. 

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7/30/2012 12:51:44 am

As we all wait to see what happens after the elections, I feel as though the efforts put forth by our current leader is driven by how many votes he can get. It's time to get this country back on it's feet! Forget about political parties, forget about poising for an election... let's just get this country back where it used to be!

Bud Humes
10/1/2012 06:15:35 am

Amen to that! Lets get this GREAT COUNTRY back on it's feet! We can do it. Get out there and VOTE in November!
Say hello to Colby,Carol and Courtney for me.

5/17/2013 05:27:56 pm

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9/26/2016 02:24:10 pm

Amen to training as I have Staff And Trained IPC circuit board assemblers in Oregon for 20 years . And I believe exactly how you believe . Keep America Great and bring manufacturing back into this country. I support and congratulate you and your company for being right on target. As This is what I do train train in both operations and work ethic. WAY TO GO

11/23/2020 08:08:11 pm

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